Molding Paste

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This flexible hold, high memory paste adds shape and body to hair, helping sculpt strands with a satin finish.

Fragrance BLUE CEDAR - A magnetic woody scent that is soothing and elegant with leathery accents. Coconut Milk, Nutmeg, Violet, Peach, Blue Cedar Tree, Moss, Leather Accord.
Work a fingertip or two worth of product in between palms before applying to damp or dry hair. Apply evenly to hair, using fingers in a raking motion. 

Pro Tip: The more you work the product into hair, the more flexible and loose hair will become. If you want a more buttoned up look, simply apply and leave it be. 
Rhubarb Extract Contains natural moisturizers, providing deep, long- lasting hydration.

Irish Moss Extract Strengthens and thickens hair.

Birch Leaf Extract Strengthens hair from roots to ends.

Slippery Elm Extract Fortifies and detangles hair strands.
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