When I think about my guiding principles, my goal for myself is to be a well-groomed man. But the idea of being well-groomed goes beyond a great cut or great style. It is an idea, an ethos if you will, for being your very best self. It's about being kind and generous with your time, love and knowledge. It's about being hard-working and passionate. It's about being good to your family. It's about being multi-dimensional. It's about being confident. Being a well-groomed man can guide how you move through life and how you interact with those around you.

The well-groomed man is who I had in mind when V76 was just a seed of an idea. The brand was created to make the grooming facets of life intuitive and to be a force for confidence. Each of the products were developed to help bring the well-groomed man to life.

I invite you to become a well-groomed man.