V76 educator and music enthusiast Alejandro Ulloa shares his summer survival guide for the musically adventurous in V76’s hottest Grooming Guide yet—school is out, the vibrations are good and the heat is hot, hot. Equip yourself with an arsenal of styling secrets that will save you in the sweatiest concert arenas, as well as a few song recommendations, to keep you prepped and pumped for late summer’s abundance of outdoor concerts and music festivals.

1. Pack only the essentials

When going to any summer festival, less is more. Basics like water-resistant sunblock and a comb are necessary, but bring one versatile styling product along too, like V Rated Natural Wax. The soybean-based wax keeps things in place with a softer hold that will still maintain shape no matter how intense the mosh pit.

2. Get a concertgoer crop

From mullets to fades, teddy boys to quiffs, some of the summer’s coolest hair trends can be seen at concerts. For your own take on the season’s looks, tailor your new crop to your music style—whether you’re a metalhead interested in shaggy hair and a shiny shave, or a devout festival hippie looking to stay long, but clean(ish).

3. Create a strong summer playlist

Build an energizing playlist with heavy-hitters like Everything You’ve Come to Expect by The Last Shadow Puppets, All For One by The Stone Roses, Chaosmosis by Primal Scream and the reggae vibes of Kasabian and Delroy Wilson.

4. Stay well groomed in the great outdoors

A fresh change of clothes and deodorant in your festival kit can keep you looking and feeling clean on the fly. To freshen up hair, reactivate your style with some Tonic for Hair and Scalp. The tea tree and juniper oil is weightless, and soothes the scalp to keep things cool throughout the day.

5. Keep your pompadour in place while jamming

To keep a pompadour in place without stiffness or crunch, be sure to dampen before styling. Follow with Texture Clay all over for separation and hold, and then brush it into place, allowing you to rock a pomp that would make Elvis Presley or Bruno Mars pine.

6. Get pumped with a get-up-and-go playlist

While priming your look and getting ready to head out the door, tune in to Alejandro’s pre-party compilation, including: Marquee Moon by Television, Neurotica by Redd Kross, The Best of T Rex by Marc Bolan & T Rex, This is the Modern World by The Jam, #1 Record by Big Star, Up the Bracket by The Libertines, ELO Kiddies by Cheap Trick, Earth, Sun, Moon by Love and Rockets and everything by Roxy Music.

7. Hit refresh: do a detox

Pump up the H2O to revitalize your skin, and combat fatigue with a good homemade remedy. Alejandro turns to his tried-and-tested blend of fruits, lime, salt and pepper in a tall glass of water.

8. Listen to music that motivates you

Beats from The New, The Last Shadow Puppets and singer-songwriter Scott Walker keep Alejandro creatively engaged when he’s behind the chair. Listen to artists who inspire you when you’re busy with your craft.

9. Keep things pocket-sized when traveling

Arm yourself with travel-sized essentials such as Lip Balm and Beard Oil for on-the-go convenience.

10. Chill out with mellow music on low-key summer nights

For the best relaxation listen to Yves Montand, Turkish Psychedelic by Love, Peace & Poetry, The Trip by Saint Etienne, and the B-side of David Bowie’s Low. Or, customize your own laid-back soundtrack to end those late summer evenings outside by a bonfire or snoozing in a swinging hammock.