Barbershop culture encourages intimate conversation: topics tend to go deeper than the news or the weather. Those of us in the industry call it Shop Talk.

We caught up with our friends at The Spot Barbershop, one of Miami’s leading barbershops, for the latest take on #shoptalk. We got talking about family. And what we found is that family is what you make of it. Whether it is your mom and dad, brothers and sisters, or your friends, cultivating family is so important to who we are as people. And yes, interpersonal relationships and family can be developed right there at the barbershop, over the sounds of clippers.

Check out what The Spot barbers had to say about finding family.

So the next time you are getting a trim or a shave, let conversation meander. You may be surprised at the family you’ll find.

The Spot Barbershop was established in Miami in 2001, and boasts 14 locations across the Miami area. The shop combines superb service from skilled barbers, a relaxed yet sophisticated environment to create an experience with the goal of making you feel great and look even better. If you are in the area, stop in for a cut and some #shoptalk.