From decades of trial (and error), behind-the-scenes experience, and a rich dialogue from my position behind the chair hearing what men want and need, V76 was born out of what I was doing for men’s style for years on every day men and American icons.

V76 celebrates the tradition of men’s grooming with an American sensibility, and offers a new take on grooming classics infused with American-sourced ingredients. V76 takes an effortless, uncomplicated approach, because grooming and looking good shouldn’t be a mystery.

V76 simplifies the routine while elevating the experience. The collection offers a modern take on grooming classics for the whole man – including products for hair, shave, face and body. All our products are cruelty-free, packed with vitamins and minerals, and are made with American-sourced ingredients.

I call it V76 - V for my initial and '76 represents the year my poor little brother got his bangs chopped up. '76 was a great year.