The Jonas Brothers have been everywhere this year – debuting their new album (and number one singles), gracing red carpets, the wedding aisle, premiering their documentary, or simply jet-setting across the world and documenting it on Instagram. The brothers are killing it, and their grooming looks are no exception.

The Happiness Begins Tour has been crisscrossing the country, and we were lucky enough to catch up with their long-time groomer Marissa Machado to get the scoop on their tour looks and what products is packed in their dopp kits.

Marissa, Nick, Joe and Kevin have been fans of V76 by VAUGHN for quite a while – Marissa relies on the brand to keep the brothers groomed but looking themselves. Lucky for them, V76 was developed to hold up to everyday life, but also under the scrutiny of lights and cameras thanks to our founder Vaughn Acord’s career as both a model and a groomer.

To ensure the guys are looking good in every city, she packed up their favorites. “I always give the guys pointers on how I use the product and how to achieve the desired look so they can recreate their favorite looks. They all have their own unique style and preference for their hair and facial hair so are very hands-on when it comes to grooming,” says Marissa.