Do you have the itch to cut or buzz your hair? We’re here to tell you to put the scissors and clippers down. We asked our founder Vaughn Acord: how can we get through this time without botching our cut and style? He promises we can make it through the next few weeks without a trim and with some extra-hold product, such as V76 Pomade or Control Balm.

If you MUST clean up the hair around your ears, sideburns and the nape of your neck for the sake of your video conference calls, Vaughn is here with some tips on how to SAFELY accomplish just that.

  • I urge you and all my clients: approach cleaning up your hair on your own VERY cautiously.
  • You can use a trimmer or shears, whatever you feel more comfortable with.
  • I like to first wet hair, either with water or Tonic Hair & Scalp, so hair is easier to control.
  • Tuck the extra length of your style behind your ears and trim along the tops of the ears.
  • To trim unkempt sideburns, first brush the hair of the sideburn forward and trim the edges. Then, brush the hair of the sideburn back, and trim any out of control edges.
  • Be careful not to get carried away and cut into the length of your hair. Leave that to the professionals.
  • And if you are quarantining with a roommate or a loved one, have them clean up the nape of your neck with a trimmer. Clean up the back of the neck and trim along the hairline, going NO further than where your hair begins to grow thicker.

Follow these tips carefully, and be sure to check out our WFH Tips highlight bubble on Instagram for videos and tips Vaughn to get you through the next few weeks.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well-groomed, long hair and all.