This No Shave November we teamed up with Cassondra Kurtz from Beyond The Beard and we've asked her to share her wisdom on best practices for using V76 Beard Oil

V76 Beard Oil is a conditioning oil that softens coarse beards and mustaches. It not only nourishes facial hair but penetrates the skin for added moisturization, so you are comfortable and itch-free on day three of growth or day 333.


- Use V76 Beard Oil daily, either after gently drying beard and face post-shower or washing your face in the morning.

- Not sure how much to use? Here's a good rule of thumb: two pumps for short length, three pumps for medium length and four-five pumps for longer length. - Warm up the oil in hands before application to help your facial hair absorb it more easily.

- Massage the Beard Oil thoroughly, do not simply “tap” it on.

- Don’t be afraid to get the oil on your skin – work the Beard Oil into the skin. The light moisturization is great for the skin to keep it comfortable.

- Bonus: if you shave your neckline, get some leftover Beard Oil on that area as well. It still grows facial hair and needs the nourishment!

- Only comb through your beard after applying oil and/or damp from a shower. Combing excessively can cause breakage or damage, especially when done dry.