Whether you're a beard pro or a first timer, have a five o'clock shadow or a burly beard, we have the tips to keep your facial hair looking sharp.

This No Shave November we teamed up with Darius Davie from Groom Guy to share his expertise on growing a beard like a pro.

- Your beard is supported by healthy skin and blood flow. Staying hydrated is fundamental to your body's health, including the scalp, hair and skin. Water assists in making sure growth is consistent, and helps prevents acne and skin irregularities. Remember, alcohol dehydrates the body and too much can easily affect the skin, including facial hair.

- Using the right tools aids beard growth during the classic in-between-phase. For example, getting your hands on a wooden brush, opposed to plastic, is a more delicate approach to taming those junior follicles by not pulling or tugging on the hair strands. Too much aggressive tension can easily cause breakage. As you notice growth and can feel the natural direction of your beard, introduce a soft bristle brush as well.

- Beard Oil and Beard Balms are classified as two different styling products, and are equipped with various solutions to assist the beard. Beard oil is essential to help seal moisture into the beard and skin underneath. It does NOT give shape, but a much-needed shine and essential nourishment. Beard balm is versatile in adding holding power for the shape of your beard while introducing texture to longer lengths.

- Common reactions to growing a beard are those painful ingrown hairs. They may feel impossible to get a hold of, but the best defense is not touching them AT all. Dry them out with a facial cleanser or exfoliator that'll reach deep into the pores. Do NOT add any beard products since that will add shine to the ingrown blemish.

- An itchy beard can easily be combated with V76 Beard Oil.


How's No-Shave November going for you?